Access Consultancy

Techton supports the ethos that good access is good business. Speak to us about your access concerns, ways of improving or how to help protect your business or building from a complaint under the DDA.

People with a disability make up a high percentage of our population. We often think of people with access difficulties as those who are in a wheelchair, but consider the access challenges constantly faced by our aging population, pregnant mothers & parents with prams, parents and carers of young and disabled children, the vision impaired and the blind , the hearing impaired and the deaf, sufferers of mental illness, sufferers of temporary illness or injuries and the list goes on.

It makes sense that we work towards improving our buildings and businesses with a goal of achieving dignified and equitable access to all. This not only supports the long held Australian tradition of the fair go, but also increases the number of people through the doors of our businesses which can only be good for the economy.

The Australian Government continues to bolster legislation to improve access within our built environment, public spaces and transport systems. Examples of this legislation can be seen in the Disability Discrimination Act, the Access to Premises Standards and increasing levels of mandatory access standards required within the Building Code of Australia.

As Qualified Access Consultants (we are members of ACAA) we can help you in providing document and construction plan reviews, access assessments within existing premises, appraisals, audits and general advice so that you can be confident that your building or business is in the best possible shape.

Contact us to discuss this further. We will all benefit from a well planned and accessible future.